Le Petit Nicolas
Is coming to Grévin !
Your childhood hero...

Le Petit Nicolas was unveiled in the heart of Musée Grévin on 26 September. The most famous French child of all can be discovered in the heart of the Hall of Columns!

You must already be familiar with Le Petit Nicolas!

Le Petit Nicolas was created in 1959 and was the fruit of the fertile imagination of two geniuses, René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé. Thousands of children discovered the pleasure of reading through the books describing the little hero's antics. Le Petit Nicolas has become an international success. The books detailing his adventures have been translated into some fifty languages. The young schoolboy appeals to all generations.

In the workshops of the Grévin...

The film teams, the creative teams at Grévin and the sculptor Stéphane Barret worked closely together, to create a 3D version of Le Petit Nicolas, using 3D files and in-depth research into the colours of each feature, his hair, his clothes, his schoolbag and the choice of backdrop. Every detail is important, as visitors will be able to pose with Le Petit Nicolas in a very Parisian setting, which like in the film, will respect the softness of the watercolour illustrations. This backdrop has been placed in the fabulous Hall of Columns, one of the original Grévin settings, inaugurated on 5 June 1882, 140 years ago this year.

Le Petit Nicolas and over 200 other personalities
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