The Grévin Workshops

Take a look inside the workshops of the Grévin museum and discover the secrets behind the wax figures, with expertise cultivated over more than 135 years!
Backstage at the Grévin museum...
Statue Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Musée Grévin - ©PSG.TV


3 meetings with the star

250,000 natural hairs

22 L of paint

34 kg of wax

Jean Paul Gaultier
peinture arturo brachetti
Moulage mains Jean Paul Gaultier - Musée Grévin - ©Various Artists



As is tradition, Michael Jackson offered one of his jackets for his figure, to make it look more real and make visitors wonder: IS IT REAL?

Michael Jackson
Prise de mesures Cara Delevingne - Musée Grévin - ©Archives Grévin DR
Coming soon at Grévin
Who will be our new wax works?
Discover our upcoming wax figures and the secrets of their creation.
Pierre Richard
A new wax figure in Grévin !
Pierre Richard, an important french actor, will have his second wax figure soon !
Eric Antoine
A magical incoming personality soon at Grévin !

The french magician, Eric Antoine, will discorver his wax figure the automn !
Our future star
Your favorite star has not yet been including at Grévin ?
The Grévin Academy
How does the Grévin museum choose the celebrities who will become its next wax sculptures?
The Grévin Academy was created in January 2001 to choose new the French celebrities to add to the Grévin museum. Following in the footsteps of the founder Arthur Meyer, it was decided that the Grévin Academy would made up of men and women from the media industry.
Henry-Jean Servat - Académie Grévin - ©Yann Deret
Nikos Aliagas - Académie Grévin - ©Yann Deret
Stéphane Bern - Académie Grévin - ©Yann Deret
Gérard Holtz - Académie Grévin - ©Yanne Deret
William Leymergie - Académie Grévin - ©Yann Deret
Laurent Boyer
Eve Ruggieri - Académie Grévin - ©Laurent Rouvrais
Daniela Lumbroso - Académie Grévin - ©Yann Deret
Jacques Pessis - Académie Grévin - © Yann Deret
Lionel Chouchan - Académie Grévin - © Yann Deret
Henry-Jean Servat

A journalist, writer and radio and television reporter, he is an expert on cultural and social affairs, with privileged access to the biggest French and international stars. 

He has written many books on cinema, history, celebrities and more.

Nikos Aliagas

Journalist and TV and radio presenter. Having made his name as the presenter of Star Academy, Nikos Aliagas has gone on to host 50'Inside, The Voice, C'est Canteloup...

A photography enthusiast, often seen with a camera slung over his shoulder, his work captures the soul of his subjects, as showcased in his exhibitions.

His figure was added on 7 December 2016.

Stéphane Bern

Journalist, writer, TV presenter, radio host, producer and actor 

President of the Grévin Academy since 2014, he truly embodies the spirit of Grévin, with connections to royalty, celebrities and historical figures. 

The figure of Stéphane Bern was added on 10 March 2008.

Gérard Holtz

Journalist and sports presenter, known for commentating the Dakar Rally and the Tour de France. A theatre enthusiast, he has also appeared as an actor.

Today, he has left the small screen to work on various different projects, including a book, a documentary, and a play. 

William Leymergie

Journalist, producer and TV and radio presenter

Best known for his 32-year run as the host of France 2's Télématin, this seasoned morning broadcaster has now moved into private broadcasting to host a midday show.

Christine Orban

A novelist and literary journalist, writing plays a huge role in Christine Orban's life, having penned over thirty novels, collections, novellas, and other works. An insightful writer, her published works are always met with great acclaim.

A true artist, she expresses herself through her collages, calligraphy and drawings.

Laurent Boyer

A journalist and radio and television host, he produces documentaries on French celebrities.

From time to time, he enjoys appearing in front of the camera as an actor.

Eve Ruggieri

Journalist, author, producer and host working in television, radio, festivals and concerts...

Known as the most voice of classical music and for her storytelling abilities, Eve recounts the life and works of famous historical figures every day on the radio and is involved in the development of multiple musical projects.

Daniela Lumbroso

Journalist, producer and presenter of many TV and radio shows.

Jacques Pessis

Journalist, writer, screenwriter, producer, and expert on the singers of the 60s and 70s, a topic that has inspired several of his documentaries and biographies. A long-time collaborator of Philippe Bouvard on the radio, he works for several newspapers and is the creator of multiple theatre and music hall shows...

He is the President of the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat (Chocolate Eaters Club). 

Lionel Chouchan

A writer and publicist, he worked with the Grévin management to create the Grévin Academy. He is the founder of several festivals: the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival, the Deauville American Film Festival, and the Cognac Detective Film Festival.

The founders
of the Grévin museum
Arthur Meyer - Musée Grévin - ©Archives Grévin DR
Arthur Meyer
1844 - 1924
Arthur Meyer - Musée Grévin - ©Archives Grévin DR
Arthur Meyer
1844 - 1924
A journalist and the founder of the daily newspaper Le Gaulois, he had the idea of showcasing the celebrities who made the front page of his newspaper in 3 dimensions, to allow the public to finally put a face to the figures who appeared in the news at a time when photography was rarely used by the press.
Thomas Gabriel - Musée Grévin - ©Archives Grévin DR
Gabriel Thomas
1854 - 1932
Thomas Gabriel - Musée Grévin - ©Archives Grévin DR
Gabriel Thomas
1854 - 1932
Appointed as a director in 1883, this great financier, who went on to promote of the Eiffel Tower and the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, ensured that the Grévin museum was founded on a solid economic structure. He added new elements to the site that would become a precious part of its heritage, such as the Grévin Theatre and the Hall of Mirrors...
Alfred Grévin
Alfred Grévin
1827 - 1892
Alfred Grévin
Alfred Grévin
1827 - 1892
Humorous cartoonist, caricaturist, costume designer, stage designer and sculptor. He was at the height of his career when he was contacted by Arthur Meyer to create the museum. He gave his name to the museum and was named the artistic director. When the museum opened its doors on 5 June 1882, it was an immediate success!