Aurelien Giraud
has arrived at Grévin
The world street skateboarding champion has come to Grévin to do a few tricks!
Aurélien Giraud - DR Grévin

While football, rugby and judo are already showcased at Grévin, this is the first time that the museum has put skateboarding in the spotlight. And Aurélien Giraud, the French world skateboarding champion, will be representing this discipline! 🎉

A new playground for Aurélien Giraud

Born in Lyon, Aurélien Giraud, the skateboarding prodigy, quickly developed a passion for skateboarding: 

🛹 He began skateboarding when he was 5
💪 He won his 1st national competition, the V7 Teenage Tour, at 7-years-old
🔥 He won the Tampa Am, the world amateur skateboarding competition, at 17-years-old
🏆 He became world street skateboarding champion in the United Arab Emirates, at just 25-years-old
🥳He will be taking part in the SLS*, of which Grévin is the official partner, on 24 February!

In Grévin’s workshops

Aurélien Giraud spent 6 months posing to allow his perfect replica to be created. Each celebrity is showcased in the position that most represents them... and Aurélien Giraud is featured performing a trick. Grévin's sculpture studios were faced with the almost impossible challenge of creating a waxwork which reflected all the energy and dynamism of a skateboarding figure.

An exact copy of his skateboard, tattoo and jewellery were designed to be as close to reality as possible!  His wax replica even wears clothes from his collection with Etnies, the famous skateboarders clothing brand. 

Discover Aurélien Giraud alongside the greatest champions such as Clarisse Agbegnenou, Antoine Griezmann and Antoine Dupont.

*Street League Skateboarding - the main international competition circuit for professional street skateboarders.

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