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Hollywood stars, mythical French actors, Bollywood icons... Discover the life-like wax figures of your favourite film stars at the Grevin Museum!
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Penélope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is the best-known Spanish actress in the world. She started out as a model and TV actress, but it was her role in the movie Jambon, Jambon that launched her film career. She became one of Pedro Almodovar's favourite actresses and went on to conquer Hollywood. Penelope Cruz' wax figure greets visitors to the Musée Grévin!

Meet Penélope Cruz and more than 200 other celebrities immortalized in wax at the Grevin museum!

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Léonardo Dicaprio
Léonardo Dicaprio

Passionate about acting since childhood, he won his first role at only 10. His performance in What's eating Gilbert Grape is striking and reveals his early talent. But it is his role in Titanic that made him a worldwide star. He followed up with some great performances and won an Oscar in 2016. Creating a wax statue of Leonardo DiCaprio was therefore an obvious move for the Grevin Museum!

Meet Leonardo DiCaprio and more than 200 other celebrities immortalised in wax at the Grevin Museum!

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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was spotted in 1944 in a propaganda photograph for the American army. Encouraged by this success, she embarked on a career as a model then as an actress. By creating her blonde pin-up character with her iconic beauty spot, she quickly became a global star. The wax statue of Marilyn Monroe has been welcoming visitors to Grévin museum for many years!

Meet Marilyn Monroe and more than 200 other celebrities immortalised in wax at the Grevin museum!

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Grévin, a legendary site of entertainment and illusion since 1882, is a three-dimensional reflection of our times. It is a theatrical representation of modern celebrities that have marked their epoch and participated in the making of History in both ephemeral and timeless ways. Actors, musicians, presidents, supermodels, Chefs ... Meet them all !

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Did you know?

In February 2011, while staying in Paris with his wife and son for the promotion of the film Hell Driver, Nicolas Cage asked his driver to recommend a place to visit with his young son. His driver recommended the Grevin museum and this unexpected visit led the museum to quickly create his wax work, for which the actor managed to pose between two interviews promoting the release of his latest film.

Did you know?

Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the few celebrities who have been represented several times in Grévin. His first character was staged in a setting inspired by Titanic.

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