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Animated film characters, heroes of action or cult films... All your favourite fictional heroes are on show at the Grévin museum!
Paw patrol - Grévin - (c) Sylvain Cambon
Our most famous fictional characters
Discover some of the most popular wax figures at the Grévin museum!
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Paw patrol
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Paw patrol

The Paw Patrol cartoon has been delighting children since 2013. The happy group of heroic puppies is ready to do anything to save the Big Valley. Ryder and his four-legged adventurers have become the undisputed superstars of the playground.

Paw Patrol’s resin sculptures are going on a mission at unbelievable Grévin! 

Meet Paw Patrol and over 220 other celebrities immortalised as waxworks at Incredible Grévin!


The Miraculous series is broadcast in over 130 countries and is a big international hit. It tells the story of Marinette and Adrien, two (not quite) ordinary schoolkids who have been chosen to save Paris from the forces of evil. The teenagers transform into secret superheroes known as Ladybug and Chat Noir. Their wax figures await you at the Musée Grévin. Kids love them!

Meet The Miraculous and more than 200 other celebrities immortalized in wax at the Grevin museum!

Raving Rabbids

Fictional characters created by French company Ubisoft for the video game Rayman Raving Rabbids. They are mentally unstable and completely idiotic. They have gained a big public following and their wax figures appear at the Musée Grévin.

Meet The Raving Rabbids and more than 200 other celebrities immortalized in wax at the Grevin museum!

Rose Petit Prince - Musée Grévin - ©Sylvain Cambon
Statue Petit Prince - Musée Grévin - ©Archives Grévin
the Little Prince

The Little Prince is a young boy with golden hair who travels the universe in search of new friends until he finally arrives on Earth. Created by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. A real best-seller, it is the most translated, most widely read and best-known work of French literature in the world. The wax figure of the Little Prince feels perfectly at home in the dreamlike and poetic world of the Grévin museum! 

Meet the Little Prince and more than 200 other celebrities immortalized in wax at the Grévin museum!

Rose Petit Prince - Musée Grévin - ©Sylvain Cambon
Statue Scrat - Musée Grévin - ©Y.Deret

In the animated film Ice Age, Scrat is a prehistoric squirrel obsessed with the safekeeping of the only acorn that survived the ice age. This touching and unlucky squirrel has become a major character of the film series. His wax figure is particularly popular with young... and old alike!

Meet Scrat and more than 200 other celebrities immortalized in wax at the Grévin museum!

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Meet ...
more than 250 celebrities

Grévin, a legendary site of entertainment and illusion since 1882, is a three-dimensional reflection of our times. It is a theatrical representation of modern celebrities that have marked their epoch and participated in the making of History in both ephemeral and timeless ways. Actors, musicians, presidents, supermodels, Chefs ... Meet them all !

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Did you know?

At the beginning of the 21st Century, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider's famous heroine by Eidos, was the first virtual game character to enter the Grevin museum in 1999.

Did you know?

The first animated film in the world, "Pauvre Pierrot", was premiered at Grévin museum in 1892 thanks to the Théâtre Optique invented by Emile Reynaud. 120 years later, Georges Méliès' granddaughter and Emile Reynaud's great-granddaughter attended the unveiling of Scrat's wax work. American character designers Peter de Sève and Mike Defeo were delighted to meet the descendants of these pioneers of animation.

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Statue du petit prince - Musée Grévin - ©Sylvain Cambon
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Statue Gérard Depardieu - Musée Grévin - © Sylvain Cambon
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