Lang Lang
is now at Grévin museum!
Lang Lang, the internationally famous piano virtuoso, enters Grévin!

Few artists can boast of having had such an impact on the music world!

As a pianist, teacher, philanthropist and ambassador for the arts, Lang Lang is passionate about new technologies and innovation, and is blazing a trail for classical music in the 21st-century.

He performs in venues ranging from major concert halls to state schools, accompanies artists from very different musical backgrounds and has received many prizes and awards.

In the Grévin workshops...

Lang Lang already accepted the honour of appearing in Grévin Seoul, which opened in summer 2015, but admitted at the time: “I’d be delighted to appear in Paris because I love France”. 

His wish was granted on 5th May 2017.

Lang Lang and more than 200 personalities!
Statue Mick Jagger - Musée Grévin - ©Sylvain Cambon
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