Dwayne Johnson
has arrived at Musée Grévin
Come and discover one of Hollywood's most bankable actors at Musée Grévin!
Dwayne Johnson

The Rock, the winner of the first edition of the Grévin Awards, who is 1.96 m tall and weighs 119 kg, is being unveiled at Musée Grévin!

🏅 He has been nicknamed The Rock since his career as a professional wrestler, is an 8-time World Wrestling Entertainment Champion, 5-time World Tag Team Champion and 2-time World Heavyweight Champion.

📽️ Over the past few years, Dwayne Johnson has played a string of successful roles, in films including Fast and Furious, Baywatch: Baywatch Malibu and Jumanji.

🎤 In 2016, he embarked on a new adventure with Disney Studios, lending his voice to the demigod Maui in the cartoon Vaiana, the Legend at the End of the World. In 2025, he will lend his voice to the same character in the live-action version of this latest animated film: Moana.

In Grévin’s workshops...

Each celebrity is a new challenge for our teams, and Dwayne Johnson presented many challenges:

  • After Dwayne Johnson was chosen at the first edition of the Grévin Awards, sculptor Stéphane Barret had to rely on photos and videos to create a statue as close to reality as possible, without the presence of the international star,
  • The teams went to gyms in the hope of finding a man who matched The Rock's extraordinary measurements.
  • The star's Samoan tattoos took the painters 10 days of painstaking work and a lot of research.
  • The eyes of Dwayne Johnson’s waxwork had to be redone 3 times to avoid too dark a tint making the star's face too hard and erasing its warm aspect.

A word from the sculptor: Stéphane Barret

‘When I was told I was going to work on Dwayne Johnson, I was really excited to be able to create this celebrity. It's true that it's always impressive to make people of this size. We were lucky enough to find someone who physically matched Dwayne Johnson's build and height. That really allowed us to get it right.

What was a little harder for me was the sample photo that was chosen, where he just had a very slight smile on his face, an expression that's quite difficult to achieve. It was very subtle.

We worked on his face and eyes several times, because the most complicated thing about realism is getting the statue to come alive from the visitors’ perspective.’

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