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with your children!
A fun visit to Grévin is the ideal outing to treat your children to and spend quality time with the family. At the Grévin Museum, there is something for everyone!
Statue petit prince - Musée Grévin - ©Sylvain Cambon
intérieur du musée
Unique selfies
With their favourite celebrities
Only when booking online: special family offer €16 per person
More than just a museum
An interactive experience to learn and have fun with the family

4 colour pigments used to reproduce his skin tone

30,000 human hairs implanted by hand

22 litres of paint

35kg of wax

Cristianio Ronaldo
Statue-Zlatan-Ibrahimovic-Musée Grévin-©PSG.TV
Prise de mesures Cara Delevingne - Musée Grévin - ©Archives Grévin DR



As is tradition, Michael Jackson offered one of his jackets for his figure, to make it look more real and make visitors wonder: IS IT REAL?

Michael Jackson - Musée Grévin - ©Archives Grévin DR
Michael Jackson
Moulage mains Jean Paul Gaultier - Musée Grévin - ©Various Artists
Did you know?

The Little Prince is featured on his asteroid accompanied by his friends the Fox and the Rose. With great attention to detail, the artists from the Grévin workshops also created a face in wax for the rose.

Did you know?

Making the head of a figure takes on average: 15kg of plaster, 5 litres of wax, 70 tubes of oil paint and nearly 500,000 natural hairs

Looking for a unique experience in Paris?
Come to the Grévin Museum!
More than 200 celebrities
Film stars, music icons, comedians or cartoon characters... The wax works of the Grévin Museum await you for exceptional selfies!
Plateau The Voice - Musée Grévin - ©Sylvain Cambon
The Voice
Statue Le Petit Prince - Musée Grévin - ©Sylvain Cambon
Fictional characters
Historical characters
Statue Cristiano Ronaldo - Musée Grévin - ©Sylvain Cambon
Sports stars
Extend the experience
Treat yourself to a snack before or after your visit, or enjoy an incredible evening out at the theatre
serveurs - Café Grévin - ©Archives Grévin DR
Grévin Café
Théâtre Grévin - ©S. Giraud pour Presswall
Grévin Theatre
Photo d'une statue de cire et de visiteurs
You visit with adults