King Charles III
is joining Musée Grévin
Come and greet the new British king!
Charles III

His Majesty the King is waiting for you to have tea at the Garden Party!


Charles III is joining the magestic Musée Grévin  

Musée Grévin’s goal has always been to represent current-day artistic, sporting, scientific, historical and political reality.

On September 8, 2022, Charles Philip Arthur George became Charles III, King of the United Kingdom and of the 14 Commonwealth kingdoms, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

As the statue of Elizabeth II is already present at Musée Grévin, it was obvious that Charles III’s waxwork should be unveiled a few weeks before his official coronation, which will take place on 6, May 2023.

In Grévin’s workshops...

Six months were required to make Charles III’s waxwork perfect. To do so, the team at Grévin’s workshops had to use traditional sculpture, i.e., creating the character based solely on photos and documents.

The King will be showcased wearing a traditional Scottish outfit: a Hunting Stewart tartan kilt, an Argyll tartan jacket, a sporran, a kilt pin and a Sgian Dubh. Charles III is joining other heads of state such as Emmanuel Macron, Pope François and Justin Trudeau in a garden party setting.

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