The Grévin Paris App

Get to know your favourite stars with the official Grévin Paris app! 

Grévin Paris launches its new free mobile app that allows you to enjoy a unique experience and an amazing visit.

Did you know that the Grévin theater is classified on the supplementary list of Historic Monuments?
Or that the Palais des Mirages dates back to the Universal Exposition of 1900?
Or even that Angelina Jolie holds a valid pilot's licence?

Right throughout your visit, Grévin Paris will reveal its biggest secrets to you, with stories whispered by the personalities and the very walls that surround them.

How does it work?
- Swipe your smartphone across each personality: the app will reveal anecdotes about that personality 
- Discover the historic rooms of the museum with an interactive 360° visit
- Challenge your family and friends to an observation game
- Immortalise your encounter with your idols by snapping a photo withoug leaving the app


You can prepare for your visit beforehand by downloading the app which will allow you to:
- Discover the museum and visit its majestic marble staircase in 360°
- Browse through the profile of two personalities in order to test the app's different functionalities
- Find all the practical information in one place

Tablets are available for hire to visitors for just 3€

Share a convivial and interactive visit thanks to the Grévin Paris app!


The Grévin Paris App is available in 6 languages

The app can be downloaded for free from Apple and Google Play stores



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