Meet the Stars

While you are in Paris, how about meeting with George Clooney, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt and Marilyn Monroe, all in one place? How could that happen? This impossible dream is waiting for you at the Grévin. Or would you rather see Omar Sy, Madonna or Franck Dubosc? Yes, you can.

Over 800,000 visitors every year come to the Grévin to enjoy their wildest dream.  Our challenge is to please everyone’s fancy.  A moving encounter with Michael Jackson awaits you, all the more poignant because the King of Pop actually came in person to the Grévin in April 1997 when his waxwork was inaugurated. 

Are you a fan of Céline Dion?Meet her, in Annie Horth white leather trousers, a silk satin jacket and a Balenciaga white muslin blouse, an outfit she wore in one of the Las Vegas shows.